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About Coaching

Coaching is a process of getting the support that you need in order to clarify your vision, design accurate goals, and take authentic action toward them—all in the context of a supportive relationship.

As your coach I am trained and committed to seeing you as you truly are (a hero, whole and complete!) and helping you discover possibilities that you haven't seen.
Coaching can support you if you are struggling:
  • in your work to make the impact that you want
  • in your relationships to show up how you want
  • in your life to bring your vision into reality
Coaching is a relational process.
Schedule a free 30-minute Discovery Call so that we can meet each other and:
  • Explore whether coaching is the best next step to help you live the life you most want to live.

  • Discern if working together is a good fit for both of us at this time.

Coaching is...
  • Coaching is about taking action.

  • Coaching compels you to access and act on your own wisdom.

  • Coaching aligns you with your own values and intentions.

  • Coaching reveals your own objectives and a path to fulfill them.

  • Coaching supports you to get clear on what is important to you and to move past where you are currently stuck.

Coaching is not...
  • Coaching is not training that follows a set curriculum toward set achievements.

  • Coaching is not consulting that prescribes solutions based on external expertise.

  • Coaching is not mentoring that guides you based on someone else’s wisdom.

  • Coaching is not therapy that is about healing and coping strategies.

  • Coaching can help you identify if any of these things would be a support for you.

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