About Aram

Aram Mitchell is a Registered Maine Guide and Wilderness First Responder with a Master of Arts degree in Religious Studies from Chicago Theological Seminary. 

Aram lives in Maine where he works for Renewal in the Wilderness, a 501(c)(3) organization committed to helping people connect with wild nature in ways that strengthen and sustain the spirit of compassion in their lives. 

As nonprofit Executive Director and wilderness guide, Aram focuses his efforts on devising ways to introduce the wisdom of wildness and regular rhythms of renewal into the lives of care providers, justice workers, and faith leaders.

Prior to his role at the helm of Renewal, Aram worked as a minister for children (and the child-like) at a progressive faith congregation in Claremont, CA. He worked as an advocate and shelter coordinator for LGBTQ identified youth experiencing homelessness in Chicago, IL. He worked as an aid to elementary school educators of students with special needs in Indianapolis, IN. He backpacked across Scotland, walked a pilgrimage in Spain, practiced yoga in Costa Rica, and has spent the entirety of this century, so far, exploring the confluence of wilderness and spirituality.


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