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I guided a half-wild retreat yesterday morning. We met at Wells Reserve and spent some time sitting and tuning our senses to the elements of earth and life around us. After that we went sauntering through the fields and forests at hand. Then, before closing out our time together with a picnic lunch, we gathered in Adirondack chairs on the eastward facing portion of the wraparound porch at the old farmhouse that is now the visitor center.

I gave a little talk about how we each have a call to contribute beauty and value to the worlds we inhabit. About how vocation exists a layer or two deeper than the roles we fill in our relationships and jobs. How it’s the soil that that stuff of identity roots in. And that our vocations are worthy of our stewardship; worthy of the resources, time, and energy required to strengthen and sustain them.

If you were to name your call, your collection of contributions, with a single word or phrase, what would it be?

If you were to make a list of the stuff that strengthens and sustains your capacity to contribute, what would be on it?

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