• Aram Mitchell

Wildness & Spirituality for the Common Good

**I've been drafting the lectures (loosely defined) and gathering resources for my upcoming online course on Wildness & Spirituality for the Common Good. If you're able, I'd love for you to join me on this springtime adventure, starting April 12th. More information and a link to registration here. And a bit of the introductory lecture here...


Five hundred steps from the bridge where I park there is an old gnarly bough of a tree that stretches low over the trail. The bough hanging over the trail requires that I stoop when I pass by, reminding me of the simple agilities needed to navigate this varied world. The twisted trail tempers my stride. The setting sun stretches my sight. The wind waters my eyes. I go to the pond to ponder. I go to the oak for comfort. I walk around the cove seeking salvation. These are the elements that make me.

That is the way of wildness. It is a many handed sculptor that gives shape to my thoughts. It is a multi-talented musician that gives volume to my spirit. It is precisely what it is, wild: The source and the form of our many movements...


(If you're inclined, please share this opportunity with others who may benefit. Scholarships available, just reach out! Here's the Facebook page to share around, if that's your jam.)

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