• Aram Mitchell

the vagabond and the homesteader

When I look at the world, so beautiful in its natural processes of renewal and so laden with the need to be tended, I wonder: How do I orient myself to this place I live with both urgency and patience?

I participate in the pursuit of justice, attempting to help right the world where it is wrong.

I aim to engage the world — right, wrong, or otherwise — with compassion along the way.

Without the pursuit of justice our practices of compassion might ease into complacency. Without a posture of compassion our sense of justice tends to tilt toward fanaticism.

One, the Vagabond, prods us to wander and explore, with imagination and action, the possibilities of new ways and new worlds. The other, the Homesteader, urges us to sink roots into a steady plot of conviction and reap a harvest of equanimity.

In a world so vast and diverse it’s good for the Vagabond and the Homesteader to find for themselves a strong and dynamic union in our hearts.

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