• Aram Mitchell

the practice of presence

The human spirit is thirsty for grandeur. It’s important to honor that thirst and to seek to slake it by stepping beyond the simple comforts that box us into familiar modes of existence. We are compelled by our wild hearts to peel back layers of uncertainty and risk proximity to the unknown.

There’s a depth of maturity to cultivate in these endeavors. This cultivation is a skill acquired through the practice of presence. Without it, the grandest of canyons, the highest of peaks, and the swiftest of rivers all become mere fodder for conquest.

But with the practice of presence, a simple stroll through the park, a visit to the grocery store, a kiss from a lover, or a kindness from a stranger all hold the power to hydrate our thirsty spirits.

One of the challenges of finding a regular relationship with renewal is to temper the consuming urge to conquer ever greater swathes of wilderness, and to consider instead the practice of befriending the wildness within our most basic encounters.

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