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the creek that feeds the river

I walk with my dogs often in the Presumpscot River Preserve. In the preserve there is a creek that feeds the river. One of the side trails has afforded us the opportunity to come to know this flow as its disposition shifts in different seasons and from day to day. Like yesterday, the creek was in a haze, as its banks thawed in the odd warmth of a December afternoon.

At the end of the trail the creek gives itself to the river. The river is swollen with offerings of rain and melt. Cocktails of debris and chunks of slush flow down its middle. They speed up and tumble into the falls where the river pinches between banks of rock. At river’s pinch the smells are more pronounced. My mammal’s nose is more receptive to them.

Here at the pinch the smells and sounds and sight all scream for attention.

Just as the mist over the quieter creek whispered for it on the way.

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