• Aram Mitchell

talking about the weather

I love talking about the weather. Not like meteorologically, though the science is fascinating. I love that when we bump into someone after yoga class or at the grocery store, once we’ve exhausted the salutational portion of the encounter and decorum suggests that a few more moments of conversation is called for: Enter, the weather.

I also like digging deep in dialogue about culture and politics and existence and passions and frustrations and fine art and blockchain and sensible shoes. But it’s good that our default filler for half-awkward conversation is to talk about the weather.

This suggests that we’re at least halfway paying attention. Our half-wild selves are noticing that the ground is getting squishy with thaw. There’s something about us that notes the feel of the atmosphere on our mammalian skin. There’s something about what we’ve noticed that suggests we should heed and discuss because, sheltered though we may be, this is the world we live in. So let’s talk about it.

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