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my list

Yesterday I wrote that your vocation — your call to contribute to the work of making the world more beautiful, just, and compassionate — is worthy of the resources, time, and energy required to strengthen and sustain it. And I asked: If you were to make a list of the stuff that strengthens and sustains your sense of purpose, what would be on that list?

Such a list is and should be dynamic and personal. It’s also a good thing to share with others whose work in the world is worthy of sustaining.

Here’s my list, in its current form:

  • visit a friend

  • run around the cove

  • take a nap

  • people watch

  • stand up straight

  • write on a blank sheet of paper

  • eat slowly

  • organize a drawer

  • purge a closet

  • rearrange a room

  • go barefoot in the grass

  • eat a cookie

  • write a well-done list

  • have an alarm-clockless morning

  • wait before checking messages

  • cook an involved meal

  • make frozen pizza

  • light a candle

  • cuddle with pets/friends

  • say no to something

  • ride bikes

  • walk with some dogs

  • do one sun salutation

  • turn off some or all notifications

  • try not to say “should”

  • learn some local history/flora/fauna

  • drive the long way home

  • memorize a poem

  • read fiction

  • excavate an old hobby

  • get a treat

  • color

  • learn some new words

  • hum/whistle

  • make funny faces

  • browse shelves at a used bookstore

  • go hiking

  • go canoeing

  • play a sport

  • go down a slide

  • tell someone a joke

  • lean on a tree

  • splash my face with some river

  • make coffee

  • take a deep breath

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