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motion and murmur

Here’s a fun thing: Next time you’re in a crowded place that’s busy with human conversation, take note of the animal nature of the exchanges around you.

Last week I was in a cafe full of the motion and murmur of a dozen interactions. I couldn’t make out all of the words people were using, but the pitch, volume, and gestures of communications around me still registered with meaning.

The tilt of a head. The squint of some eyes. Lips peeled back from teeth with a smile. Hands churning the air with enthusiasm. Someone leans in to whisper something intimate. Someone leans back to squawk and hoot with laughter.

The ways we offer our presence to one another are wild and varied.

Today may the gestures you receive from kindred beings, human and non-human alike, convey a spirit of kindness, encouragement, and generosity.

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