• Aram Mitchell

letting the world know he's there

My Mom wrote this to me yesterday, I asked her if I could share, she said I could:

“I just read this morning’s writing about watching the pelicans. Yesterday, once I got home after getting your Grampie settled from the hospital, I took an hour to go across to the lake, I got the red folding stool that my Grampie made for me and parked it on the edge of the lake. I just sat there quietly.

I noticed two, what I thought were, loons over near the island. I watched them disappear under the water and come up much later far away. Then a goose noisily landed on the water and proudly with his long neck entertained me for a while. Then there was one brown duck swimming around alone. I breathed deep, like you tell me to do, and just let the cares of the day melt away.

I changed my gaze to the right towards the campground for a long time but sensed movement to my left. There were two of the most beautiful ducks I have ever seen, coal black and bright white and they were swimming with the lone brown duck. They were almost right in front of me but my movement made them go the other way. They were the birds I was watching earlier, not loons.

A crow caught my attention on the very top of a high tree on the island letting the world know he’s there. I went to the coffee shop yesterday to get your Grampie some muffins to take home and we laughed at the seagull outside picking up a burger wrapper.

Nature, the sounds and smells outside, the quiet, I don’t think I’ve ever appreciated it so much and see that it has a purpose in our lives. Always there for us, but in life we so often just tear by without noticing on the way to the next thing calling our name. Sit, and stay for a while. Always a good thing in the midst of life!”

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