• Aram Mitchell

I started walking

I pulled into the parking lot on the south side of the Back Cove today at 1pm after spending a full morning in a room in the basement of a local hospital as a vendor doling out offers of renewal at their employee wellness fair.

During the morning at the hospital I had brief conversations with 80 or so people. I wished each well in their efforts to hold together some semblance of balance and health in the midst of the challenges they faced in the work that they devoted to an entity committed to providing care.

Some days I forget to practice what I preach.

Today though, I stopped at the cove between engagements. I parked the car. I got out of the car. The air was heavy with drizzle, but I was jacketed against the wet. I started walking. And breathing deep damp breaths. And loosening the hold I had on my thoughts. For several miles that stretched out underneath me over the course of an hour I walked in a loop. Ultimately getting nowhere. Which was precisely what I needed.

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