• Aram Mitchell

I love it here

I love it here so much. I love the way that the earth spins and twirls conjuring the gravity needed to hug me to its surface. I love the muscled flesh, made from borrowed dust and enlivened by borrowed breath, by which I pull and press my way along earth’s surface. I love the other instances of life that I encounter along the way. I love the way that water pools and sediment forms. I love the way that leafy plants and trees metabolize the sun, turning heat into shade and sustenance. I love the wind.

And it’s hard being here. It’s hard to lace up my boots and move through my days taking note of the instances of disregard for the things that are so beautiful about being here. It’s hard living a life devoted to the gravity of togetherness when narratives of division compel so much of the behavior that impacts our shared world.

My aim today is to press my feet to the earth with gratitude, and to keep my eyes on the horizon with diligence. I’m leaning in to the challenge of moving about as an expression of love even and especially when the odds are not in love’s favor. You with me?

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