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fog to burn

Once the earth spins itself to night on our side of the world I grab a book off the bedside table and read a few pages aloud to Lauren before we commit ourselves to sleep. These days we’re reading Wallace Stegner’s “Angle of Repose”. How’s that for the title of a bedtime book?

One morning, in the story, Susan and Oliver are standing at the window looking out at a world washed in thick fog. Susan says: “In a way, I love it. It scares me a little. It’s as if every morning the world had to create itself all new. Everything’s still to do, the word isn’t yet spoken.”

Everyday the world is pregnant with renewal. Here we are again. The earth has spun itself back to light. The future is clouded with potential. Our hearts are full of vision. There’s a new day to speak into being. There’s a fog to burn off with the heat of our efforts.

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