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finding space

In your efforts to contribute something of value to a world crowded with hurt and hurry, it’s important to honor your need for space. Space to stretch out your limbs, to open your lungs, and to let your heart find calm and quiet.

We foster a relationship with wild nature so that we may gain a portion of what we need to sustain our capacity to give. We seek the ministry of the elements so that each breath at home might be informed by their strength. We walk in deserts, on beaches, through forests, in parks, and with our eyes trained on the sky above because there is nourishment in finding space.

Wilderness implies a return. Whatever sustaining rhythms you find while on your foray, there comes a point when you will return to your home community, when you will return to your work in the world. The return is a vital part of a wilderness experience. So it’s okay to step away for a while. You’ll be back.

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