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everyday wildness

What does it mean to practice an everyday wildness?

It means having a playful and purposeful awareness of who you are in the world. It means being all the way and only yourself while remaining cognizant of the relationships that give you substance. It means to move in and out of quotidian interactions with curiosity and confidence. It means making an effort to seek insight from the people you meet and wisdom from the traditions you encounter along the way. It means heeding, from time to time, the allure of transcendent notions that point beyond the simple senses of your wakeful body. And it means always returning to the multi-sensory experience of embodied existence as the bellwether of spiritual life.

Ineffable and incarnate. Individual and collective. Curious and confident. Singular and related. Purposeful and playful.

As you go about your day, whether things feel hazy or illuminated, whether you’re in need of the comforts of home or the thrill of a quest, may you find courage in your inherent and wonderful wildness.

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