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ears to hear

In the most recent issue of Parabola, Julie Morley points out that the complicated problems of human impact on the earth and on each other “require that we become compassionately and respectfully curious about the knowledge systems of other species.”

Robin Wall Kimmerer, in Braiding Sweetgrass, encourages us to heed “intelligences other than our own.”

Bran, in pretty much every episode since becoming the Three Eyed Raven, wargs into the consciousness of nearby creatures in order to glean insight from their perspective.

The birds across the street are sharing something — ancient wisdom, practical bits of daily advice — something of use, interest, or intrigue for those who have ears to hear.

This weekend I went to hear Sherri Mitchell give a talk. She assured us that we each have our own creation song to sing. She implored us to learn it, and then to learn how to harmonize our contribution with the chorus comprised of the tonal offerings of others.

As you lean into your movements, thoughts, and interactions this week: Be attentive. And in so doing, may you find confidence and hope in the company you share.

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