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common good

In a couple hours I’m going to the local high school to vote. This is all new to me, having just naturalized last summer. I’ve been thinking about it a lot. Looking forward to today like a holiday, like an opportunity to participate in a sacred social rite.

Of course democracy can be imprecise and imperfect. Like any worthy endeavor, it’s messy.

It takes a host of efforts to make a beautiful world. A host of efforts, heaps of time, and lots of heartache. We have work to do, all of us, reaching for the common good.

On Sunday I volunteered for my preferred candidate’s campaign. I walked around town knocking on doors and chatting with neighbors about where to go to vote and about who we’re leaning toward. Like most of them, I feel discouraged by the current state of our union. I feel overwhelmed by the drama of our democracy. Still, it was heartening to have contact with people who are compelled in their own ways to strive for a more perfect union.

Once the sun set and my hands got cold I walked back to my car, put down my clipboard, and drove home. On my way home my hands warmed up. The next day the sun rose again. And today I sense an urge for the common good pulsing strong. I’m aligning myself with that urge, with the rhythm of things wanting to grow.

Wherever you are, however you may today, I hope you find a way to do the same.

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